About Us

First, a little bit about myself, Bob Frazee. My background in fabrication started in the mid 70’s building stock cars for the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. Through the years my cars were always a major contender consistently finishing in the top five and were driven by popular drivers such as Jack Gabardi and Ralph Bruning.

In the early 80’s I branched out into Asphalt Road Racing competing in the Grand American division which was replaced by the Bush class and currently the Nationwide series. I also traveled and worked with the International Scout off-road team in the early 80’s.

Our Trailers

Our trailers are built to the highest standards. Off road reliability is our primary concern. They are assembled with heavy duty box steel frames and will withstand even the most extreme trails. Several items are standard on all trailers.

Competing manufacturers will quote lower prices to lure you in only to drastically increase the price after adding a long list of options. We are not interested in manufacturing cheap cargo trailers.

We build a high quality product designed for extreme off-road use that allows you to have the camping conveniences usually restricted to the camp grounds.